Manufacturing the heat shrinkable accessories (joints and terminations) for medium voltage power cables up to 35 kV


Assembling  the heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable cable accessories manufactured by TM Elcon and others


Assembling  and testing the cable line


Service of assembled cable accessories and reparation of the cables and accessories


Engineering – making the technical documents, assembling and supervising


Sale of the goods of other manufacturer:

  • Ferrules, cable lugs and other connectors,
  • ◦Heat shrinkable accessories, wrap around sleeves and end caps,
  • Cold shrinkable accessories,
  • Plug connectors for SF6 plant
  • Prefabricated high-voltage cable accessories up to 550 kV
  • Tools and equipments for assembling the cable accessories,
  • Measuring instruments,
  • The other electrical materials,
  • Power cables.


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