Our vision is to constantly monitor the " TM ELCON " products in the exploitation and development of structures of cable accessories , through the use of materials with better electrical and mechanical characteristics .

Company TM Elcon was founded in 2007. in Jagodina, Serbia


-Main activities-

 Manufacturing the cable accessories and construction of cable networks.


-Other activities-

 Trade with the cables, cable accessories of other manufacturers and other electric equipments, such as representing the foreign manufacturers.



 Proved by reference list about realized deliveries, design, construction and services of cable networks.


-Our objectives-

 Extension of manufacturing abilities and development in accordance with the highest quality of world technologies.



Founder and manager

 Tomislav Milošević B.Sc.E.E

Exclusive Distributor for Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, Macedonia and Albania.

Manufacturer of measuring and testing equipment for cables and substations:


Venko Sp. z o.o., Poland

tel: +48570458338




Svetozara Markovica 17/3

35000 Jagodina



+381 35 243-761

+381 63 682-438


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